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Our Docks & Pond Construction Management Services



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If you are looking for a brand new pond, or looking to add a custom dock to enjoy, we can make it happen! We use a systematic approach to create a space to fit exactly what you need.
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Using input from our aquatic biologist, we can create a pond design that is conducive to a big bass factory, or a beautiful and clean swimming hole.


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When it comes to docks, we use techniques and equipment that ensures the best possible strength without compromising aesthetic value. Choose from our wide variety of options to find what is right for you!
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Custom Docks, Pristine Ponds

Building Docks and Ponds, Your Way


Define Your Vision

Assessment: Discuss your pond or dock requirements for a tailored solution.
Custom Design: Collaborate with our aquatic biologist for optimal design.
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Expert Construction

Quality Docks: We build strong, beautiful docks with advanced techniques.
Perfect Ponds: We work with the landowner to create a body of water, that best fits their needs.
Customization: Choose from our wide selection for the perfect fit.
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Enjoy Your Space

Realize Your Vision: Watch your dream space come to life.
Relax and Rejoice: Enjoy your personalized outdoor haven.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I shape my new pond?

The shape and contours are dependent on the goals of the property owner. In other words, a big fish pond would look different from a swimming hole. No matter what, we recommend at least 8’ deep if possible in order to promote proper circulation.

How can I prevent stagnant water?

Often times, stagnant water is caused by improper pond design or sedimentation over several years. Call today to learn more about how to build a pond that fights stagnation, or to fix water that has stopped circulation!

Should I build a floating dock or solid?

While these are both great options for waterside living, each fits a very unique purpose. Call today to learn more about what style of dock is right for you!

What kind of decking should I use?

There is no wrong answer in this category. That being said, at Aquatic Pros, we are partial to composite decking for its weather and impact resistance over time.
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