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Water Oxygenation

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Individuals undervalue the significance of high water quality in their pond management strategy. Using this as a foundational step towards a productive and efficient system is a great place to start! The simplest way to increase water quality is to create circulation in the form of an aerator or fountain.
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Airmax Solutions

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Aquatic Pros is an official dealer of Airmax products, which offer excellent quality and superior service. Call today to discuss our wide variety of options to fit your needs!
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Additionally, we store and perform maintenance on any system you have in place. Ask about how we can care for your investment this winter!
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Pond Perfection

Transforming Water Quality in Three Simple Steps


Assess Water Quality

Assessment: Begin by assessing your pond's current water quality, focusing on oxygen levels, temperature, and nutrient balance.
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Enhance Circulation

Quality Solutions: Trust Aquatic Pros, an official Airmax dealer, for premium aeration options. Install aerators or fountains to boost water circulation, improving oxygen levels and reducing algae.
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Ensure System Care

Ongoing Maintenance: Rely on us for storing and maintaining your aeration system, ensuring its efficiency.
Winter Protection: Ask about our winter care services to safeguard your investment during colder months.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fountains and aeration systems?

Both systems add agitation to the water which has a net result of more dissolved oxygen. The primary difference is that an aeration diffuser pushes oxygen from the bottom up to the surface, and a fountain traps air from the surface. Beyond that, fountains are simply a beautiful way to add both aesthetic and practical value to the water.

Why should I use an aerator?

Aside from the design of a body of water, an aerator is the most effective tool to prevent stagnant water and keep the water healthy.

Do you have multiple fountain patterns?

Aquatic Pros carries a variety of fountain patterns. You are sure to find what you are looking for. Also ask about our light kits which are spectacular for viewing at night.

Are there different sizes of systems?

We have multiple sizes in both fountain and aeration systems to find the perfect balance of efficiency, practicality, and aesthetics.

Is it expensive to run these systems?

Thanks to the efforts that went into design, both the aeration and fountain systems are extremely efficient! Ask about our alternative power options including wind and solar!
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