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Our Vegetation Management Services

Aquatic Balance

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In order to cultivate a productive aquatic habitat, both for fish and people, special care should be taken to eliminate excess vegetative growth.

If left unchecked, overgrown weeds and algae can stunt fish productivity, and make the water unsuitable for swimming or enjoying.

Water Management

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By keeping up with new products in the industry, and staying cognizant of the health of the entire body of water, our experts help you make decisions about how to manage weeds and algae.

From there, we can teach you how to be safe and effective doing it yourself, or we can take the worry away with one of our management options.

Maintenance Plans

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Our most cost effective option is the “EOW” plan. This means a licensed applicator will be at your property to inspect and treat “Every Other Week.”

The next option is our monthly program.

Our final option is a custom treatment schedule in which you decide when you need us. This is aptly named our custom maintenance.
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Tailored Specifically For You



A licensed applicator will be at your property to inspect and treat “Every Other Week.”


Our monthly program to help maintain your vegetation.


A custom treatment schedule made just for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the treatment harm fish?

Treatment will not harm your fish. We pay close attention to oxygen levels to prevent any negative consequence of treatment.

Will treatment harm pets/livestock?

Treatment is safe for pets and livestock. All products used by Aquatic Pros are registered with the EPA and have been tested for toxicity.

Can I still go swimming?

We manage water to be used! Aquatic pros will help you create the perfect swimming hole using responsible vegetation management.

What if I use my pond for irrigation?

We take into consideration each property owner’s usage and make adjustments to the plan so that water can be used to meet whatever the need.

Aquatic Pros is ready to treat water that is also used to irrigate.

What if I use my pond for drinking?

Our experts at Aquatic Pros have the knowledge and expertise to treat ponds used for drinking water. Let us help you make a plan to keep your drinking water clean!
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