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Fishery Enhancement

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Whether an avid angler, or an admirer of “decorative fish,” let our experts help your fish thrive. Through stocking, habitat implementations, and harvest recommendations, we have the resources to create a habitat to fit your goals.
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Fish Management

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Proper fish management starts with an understanding of fish physiology and life cycles. From that point, it becomes easier to systematically create an opportunity for fish success.
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Give us a call today to set up a meeting with an expert and make a plan for fish success in your pond or lake!
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Catch, Improve, Thrive

Your Roadmap to Fishery Excellence


Fish Stocking

Evaluate current fish, species, stocking rates, water attributes, like size, depth.
Select healthy fish, introduce seasonally, ensure acclimatization to reduce stress.
Regularly assess fish with electrofishing or netting for growth and health.
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Habitat Implementations

Assess habitat, consider enhancements, like submerged structures for fish shelter.
Install habitat structures strategically in optimal fish-benefiting locations following assessment.
Inspect and maintain habitat for ongoing effectiveness; replace or adjust as necessary.
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Harvest Recommendations

Set harvest limits per species, size; consider growth, reproduction, fish health.
Promote selective harvest: keep some, release larger for breeding, gene pool.
Educate anglers, stakeholders on harvest, catch-release, responsible fishing for fishery sustainability.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I stock fish every year?

Depending on your fish populations, it may be a good idea to supplement individuals to promote genetic diversity and overall population health.

Should I harvest fish every year?

Yes! Most people under harvest their fish, which over time can lead to fish stunting and additional issues with vegetation and pond quality.

When is the best time to stock fish?

The best time to stock is in the spring. However, at Aquatic Pros, we have the resources and knowledge to help fish thrive whenever you are ready to stimulate your fish populations!

What species should I stock?

The decision of what to stock is highly dependent on the goals of the landowner. We generally recommend starting with 3 layers on the food chain. For example, we would start a new pond with fathead minnows, bluegill, and largemouth bass. Call today to learn more about what species we provide and how many to stock!
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